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Backend development is also known as server-side development. It mainly works on databases, authoring and website construction. It includes all the operations that occur behind the scenes when a user performs any action on a website. It can be login to an account or any online purchasing. It is all due to coding that is written by backend developers and thus browsers linked with databases.


For this purpose, Wilcode Development has a skilled team of backend developers that have full command on backend programming languages include PHP, LARAVEL, CODEIGNITOR, PYTHON, NODEJS and RUBY. These languages are also called server-side languages.
We understand the goals of every website and then come up with effective solutions for every business need.


Backend development sounds very daunting but our enthusiastic team of developers are ready to bell the cat. They have wide knowledge of various DBMS technologies. A solid understanding of Linux is extremely beneficial when it comes to managing servers and our developers have exposure of handling IIS servers. Also, they have immense knowledge of API (REST and SOAP) services.

Problem Solving

Wilcode Development is an emerging website development company in Lahore which is struggling hard to meet its customer’s needs at any cost. Our professional developers have skills for implementing algorithms and can solve system related problems. They will ensure that your website run across various devices. They store the data and ensure its accessibility to the users.

So, what are you waiting for? Come, experience and witness. We can be your best partner.

. Wilcode Development does not just design and develop websites, we develop such websites that generate sales as well. Exciting and hard initiatives excite us, but we also value the dynamic interchange of experiences and interests. We are the appropriate partner for you if you are looking for a beautiful company to grow with. The building of well-designed and appealing websites is the foundation of our business. We handle all aspects of planning, design, development, and marketing, so you won't have to deal with many web firms. We work with our customers as partner. We believe that a satisfied customers can make more customers in future. So, we trying our best to satisfied our customers.