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Bootstrap wireframe is a Front-end Programming framework for building free and open-source websites and online applications. Bootstrap offers a set of vocabulary for template designs and is designed to enable responsive construction of mobile-first websites. One of the most well-known Front-end Frameworks and open source projects worldwide, Bootstrap was initially developed by a designer and a developer at Twitter.

A bootstrap is a little strap or loop on the rear of a leather boot that allows the footwear to be pulled on in the real world. In general, bootstrapping refers to transforming a modest starting effort into something bigger and more important. Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps is a metaphor for rising to achievement after a difficult beginning.

A front-end programming framework called Bootstrap is used to create open-source, free websites and online apps. Bootstrap provides a vocabulary for Template Designs and is intended to make it possible to build responsive websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

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The Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) is an internet protocol that enables a network user to be set up automatically to obtain an IP address and have an OS boot without human input. The BOOTP server, which allocates the IP address automatically from a pool of addresses for a defined period, is managed by a network administrator.Frequently, websites that use Bootstrap need to be made faster. This problem is solved and consumers receive static material more quickly with the aid of a content delivery network. The greatest way to increase customer engagement and page loading speed at the same time is this method.