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Html, most versatile programming language

 HTML is used to create website pages that are displayed on the www (World Wide Web). Each page has several connections to other pages called hyperlinks. Every web page we visit is written using HTML.

HTML5 & CSS3 - Wilcode Development
HTML5 & CSS3 - Wilcode Development


For your Internet browser, HTML coding guarantees that text and graphics are formatted correctly. Without HTML, a browser would not understand how to load images or other elements or display text as an element. Cascading Style Sheets  are layered on top of HTML’s basic page structure to customize the page’s appearance. A web page’s bones (structure) could be thought of as HTML, and its skin as CSS.

CSS is not a programming language, like HTML is not. Additionally, it is not a markup language. A style sheet language is CSS. HTML components can be selectively styled using CSS.

To specifically highlight a word or phrase, markup language can take the shape of boldface or italicized font, for instance. HTML is just a set of short codes that are entered into a text file. The capabilities of HTML are powered by these tags.

The purpose of CSS is to make it possible to Separate Content  from presentation, including layout, colors, and fonts.